Knight is a world leading contract flooring manufacturer and supplier, and its headquarter is located in Chicago,U.S. Knight is now expanding its China operation while we would like to invite candidates to apply for the following positions. Management Idea of the Company a. Take people as the root and respect individual b. Mutual trust c. Credit first d. Keep improving and seek for progress Through absorbing, training and retaining qualified employees, through taking the business requirements of employees with different concepts and different experiences as the center, and through our hard and active working, we will be able to achieve our target. And we are pleased you have chosen to join Knight Global, LLC. We hope you will take pride in knowing you are a member of a very successful, growth-oriented company. Keeping Knight Global successful requires dedicated, conscientious people. Our future growth and success is dependent upon you and how well you perform your job with us. We believe maintaining quality is directly related to our growth as a company and to your personal growth as an individual. It is our wish that we mutually profit from each other’s talents, capabilities and experience. This Handbook will help assist you in becoming acquainted with the policies and procedures of Knight Global, and we encourage you to keep it readily available for future reference. Knight Global is committed to operating in an ethical and professional manner. Each one of us is expected to comply not only with all laws applicable to our operations, but also to the highest standards of business conduct. Speaking for the entire organization, we hope your working relationship with us is successful and satisfying. Knight Asia Ltd., Shanghai Office Add: Room No.2521, Jiahui International Plaza, No.325 Tian Yao Qiao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai city, China Post Code:200030 丽杰亚洲有限公司上海代表处 上海市徐汇区天钥桥路325号嘉汇国际广场2521室, 邮编:200030 Knight Performance Flooring (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. Add: No.3 Plant, Suwang Road 218,Wangshan Industry Park,Wuzhong Economic Development Zone,Suzhou ,China 215104 苏州市 吴中区 越溪创业园 苏旺路218号3号厂房(215104) 公交623路 苏旺路站下 展开 公司地址:上海市徐汇区天钥桥路325号嘉汇国际广场2521室; 苏州吴中区越溪创业园 苏旺路218号3号厂房 (邮编:215104) 地图 公司官网:http://www.kqflooring.com
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